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We are Sandra and Juste – two Lithuanian women who are lucky enough to spend a part of the year in beautiful Spain, a country which many think of as synonymous with vacations, high quality of life and cultural richness.

Sandra (responsible for Peacefulness Retreats) is really into human psychology, sales and loves to communicate. She seeks connection with different people and enjoys listening to their life stories, as well as sharing her own. Juste (responsible for Events for Women Leaders) has a huge drive for business, loves to learn and is always looking for ways to become a better version of herself.

Although we have different interests (thus the two programs), we share similar values and a desire for personal growth. After a year of discussing, we have decided that connecting the best of both worlds we could create value. Both appreciating learning through experience and having the drive to move forward whatever happens, we have come up with Empirical Retreats – cozy events in comfortable surroundings that involve learning, sharing and simply enjoying yourself.

We share a dream that the Empirical Retreats will become an environment for growth both to us and to others. All the residential events are organized in stunning surroundings within and outside of Spain, so even if you are learning, it is still a vacation-like experience.


The Founders

Our future events

Events for Women Leaders:

TitleRethinking Networking – Let’s Play & Learn!
DateTo be confirmed
Duration09:00 – 14:00
VenueMálaga Capital, Spain (precise location to be confirmed)
Type of eventNetworking event for women
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Peacefulness Retreats:

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