Enjoy & Connect – Yoga and Meditation Retreat!

Peacefulness Retreat for Women



Date September 25 - 29, 2017 (5 days and 4 nights):
Day 1 (25 September): registration (in the afternoon), dinner and start of activities;
Day 5 (29 September): morning activities, breakfast and farewell before noon (12:00).
Venue Catalonia, Spain (precise location to be confirmed)
Type of event Yoga and meditation retreat for women (small group)
Activities Yoga (Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra);
Meditations (Osho Dynamic Meditation, Mandala Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation);
Workshops (self-massage, breathing, dancing etc.);
Trekking in the beautiful area nearby the house.

Activities will be lead by an amazing gestalt therapist and yoga instructor Sandra Lozano Perea (Maha Devi).

Food Lacto-ovo vegetarian
Accommodation Shared twin rooms (sleeps 2) and private rooms. Bathrooms shared between no more than 3 women.
Level of preparation Suitable for both beginners and those who do yoga and meditation on a more regular basis
Dress code Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and shoes suitable for trekking
Language English
Contact Sandra Ukneviciute, sandra@empiricalretreats.com
Price Early bird (a bed in a shared twin room): 699€ (incl. taxes). Supplement for a private room is 200€ per retreat.

Price includes all the above listed activities, accommodation and lacto-ovo vegetarian meals (please let us know if you have other food preferences).


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What does the perfect rest look like? Beautiful surroundings? Walks in the nature? Peace and quiet? Like-minded people? Quality “me time” where you don't have to worry about anything? Well, if that’s something you could say “yes” to, then this yoga and meditation retreat with Sandra Lozano Perea (Maha Devi) could be just right for you.

The Retreat is a vacation-like experience for women who wish to take a necessary break from their daily challenges and find serenity within. The retreat is intended for women who are willing to experience through yoga, various meditations, dance, self-massage and other activities. It’s for women that are keen to connect with fellow participants, but wish to enjoy some peace and quiet too.

Activities are based on self-observation and reflection, whether solo, with a partner or in a group. We simply show you the techniques and it is completely up to you to choose what you could benefit from in your everyday life, whether physically, emotionally or both.


Getting to Know Maha Devi or Impact by Example

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Ever since the moment we met, Sandra (Maha Devi) just feels great to be around. You can feel she has found her inner harmony and she radiates so much positive energy – it becomes contagious. Maha Devi claims she is no guru, she just loves what she does and makes an impact by example, not by empty words.

Be it yoga, meditation or any other activities led by Maha Devi – all of them feel natural. Maha Devi never forces her opinions on anyone and all the retreats with her are like vacations where you can be who you are and participate only in what feels right for you. No pressure to be more spiritual, to stop eating meat, to do anything else that’s against your will. You are free to choose and Maha Devi is just there to show you the way.

Retreats with Maha Devi are for those who do not see yoga, meditation and other practices as a solution to everything, but seek to find out what's right for them and what adds some benefit to their everyday life, whether physically, emotionally or both.

“If I feel that it’s good for me, for my body, I keep on doing it!” – Maha Devi

Maha Devi is a great guide for yoga beginners as well as those for whom yoga is already a lifestyle. Curious to know what "Maha Devi" means? More information about that and Sandra's experience is available: here.


Comfort and Tasty Vegetarian Food

yoga retreat, meditation retreat, yoga and meditation retreat, vegetarian foodThe retreat will take place in a beautiful rural area of Catalonia (Spain). You will enjoy some stunning views, and the peace and quiet of nature – just perfect for taking a break from the constantly connected life.

For your comfort, we offer rooms of single or double occupancy and accept only up to 16 participants. This means you can benefit from connecting and sharing, but it will never be too crowded and you will have some space just for yourself, if you want.

Bathrooms are shared between no more than 3 women.

The Retreat is like a vacation with some female friends – stunning scenery, tasty food, great company of like-minded women and lots of feel-good activities. Join us for a few days of daily yoga, meditation, dance and other activities with the amazing Sandra Lozano Perea (Maha Devi)!


Example of Typical Daily Schedule:

08:00-10:00 Yoga and/or meditation
10:00-12:00 Breakfast and rest
12:00-14:00 Workshop, e.g. dancing, self-massage, breathing etc.
14:00-17:30 Lunch and siesta
17:30-20:00 Another workshop, yoga or nature outing
20:00-21:30 Dinner
21:30-22:30 Meditation or another stress-free activity


Reserve Early and Save!

Here's what you'll get:

  • 4 nights accommodation at a cozy house in twin shared rooms (sleeps 2) or private rooms of single occupancy (subject to a supplement);
  • Tasty lacto-ovo vegetarian dinner on the first day of the retreat;
  • 3 lacto-ovo vegetarian meals per day (each full day of the retreat);
  • Lovely lacto-ovo vegetarian breakfast on the last day of the event;
  • 10+ hours of various types of meditation (Osho Dynamic Meditation, Mandala Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation etc.);
  • 10+ hours of various types of yoga (Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra);
  • 4 workshops (self-massage, breathing etc.);
  • Guided trekking in the beautiful area nearby the house;
  • A so well-deserved and necessary rest;
  • Stunning views and an invaluable possibility to connect with like-minded women.

We keep the groups small, therefore only 16 places available.


A bed in a shared twin room (Early bird):

€775  €699

Or 899 for a private room. Prices will increase gradually.



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