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retreat for women leaders, event for women leaders, retreats for female leaders, empirical retreatsDo you remember leaving an amazing conference so inspired and so ready to conquer all those challenges? Do you remember finding yourself days or weeks later not actually doing much of it? Yeah, it happens to many of us.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you feel energized and empowered at the time but all that magic power just evaporates soon after the event is over? More often than not the problem is that you listen, observe and make notes, but still don't put yourself into action.

Chances are, the effect would last longer if you at least started working on these new habits while you were still participating in the event. Therefore, at Empirical Retreats for women leaders we focus on hands-on activities, active participation and dialogue rather than just speeches that might inspire you at the time but don't inspire much change in your career and life.

Empirical Retreats are for those who want to form powerful teams and manage them better, as well as increase the effectiveness of their communication and networking. For those who want to relax, recharge and enjoy some “me time”. Well..., because life is not just about work.

You should expect gamified learning experiences and networking, beautiful scenery, comfortable single occupancy accommodation and various fun activities that will benefit you not only as a business leader but also as a person.

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Upcoming events

Title Rethinking Networking – Let’s Play & Learn!
Date To be confirmed
Duration 09:00 – 14:00
Venue Málaga Capital, Spain (precise location to be confirmed)
Type of event Networking event for women
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