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Have you ever experienced stress? Of course you have, probably all of us do to some extent. However, did you know we have a habitual reaction to daily stress, which helps to slow our metabolism and calm down? It is called the relaxation response. Scientists suggest that the most important prerequisites for it are repetition and passive avoidance of intrusive thoughts.1 Dancing, doing yoga, meditation or other techniques on a regular basis may spur this relaxation response and may have a positive impact on our health and immune system, too.


Finding Out What's Right For You

Everyone is different, therefore at Empirical Retreats we believe that you can find out how dance, yoga, meditation or other activities affect your physical state and emotional health only by trying them yourself and we would like to offer you the environment for it to happen.

Empirical Retreats are vacation-like experiences for women who wish to take a necessary break from their daily challenges and find harmony within. The retreats are intended for women who are willing to experience through dancing, yoga or other activities rather than just observing others. Techniques are based on self-observation and reflection, whether engaging in activities solo, with a partner or in a group. We simply show you the techniques and it is completely up to you to choose what you could benefit from in your everyday life, be it physically, emotionally or both.


A Community of Like-minded Women

We also offer you a community of like-minded women, with whom you can share your stories and listen to theirs. Sharing liberates us and makes us feel stronger, helps us feel understood, thus capable to do and enjoy more. And words are not the only form of sharing and connecting.

Did you know that connecting with other people and absence of loneliness also help fight diseases?2 We need community even more than a better diet and this leads us to a higher quality of life.3

All the retreats are held in beautiful surroundings, where participants can enjoy breathtaking views, take walks by the sea, in the woods or mountains and have some quality “me time”. Because being comfortable with oneself is important too.

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Upcoming Events

Ispaniski pusryciai moterimsTitleSpanish Breakfast | Ispaniški pusryčiai moterims (LT)
Date20 January, 2018
Duration09:30 – 13:00
VenueMindaugo st. 44, Vilnius, Lithuania
Type of eventA short retreat for women


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